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Prints on Canvas
Prints on Canvas

These are now available to order for nearly all of my images.
Hand finishing is done where suitable, making each one, in fact, unique.

I now have a dedicated team at my printers who have been prepared to put in a lot of time working with me to acheive the high standards I need to produce artist approved quality prints on canvas.

The results with the seascapes, - the first paintings I have tried it with - have been excellent, and I have now tried printing some other work of mine onto canvas which is also working extremely well - such as 'All One', 'One', and the next one to come - an A1 size 'Firedancers'.

With the seascapes, I have been able to hand finish them, adding depth and texture where needed, to the point where they are almost indistinguishable from original oil paintings.

The following are my new guide prices, depending on amount of hand finishing, size, etc;

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