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Many of these seascapes are inspired by and painted at the southernmost point of Africa - where two oceans meet - Cape Agulhas. Man and nature seem closer here. The movements of the moon in relation to the earth are very noticeable in the weather and the sea, and there is an abundance of natural life both in the sea and on land. Fishing is a part of life, and the sea really is this colour!
01_ocean.jpg 02_the_fisherman.jpg 03_waiting_for_you.jpg
04_southern_ocean.jpg 05_harbour_scene.jpg 06_daybreak.jpg
07_african_sunrise.jpg 08_first_light.jpg 09_girl_on_the_beach.jpg
10_water_study.jpg 11_fishing_boat_going_out.jpg 12_morning_rays.jpg
13_breaking_wave.jpg 14_moon_maiden.jpg 15_evening_palette.jpg
16_sky_gazing.jpg 17_golden_rays.jpg
Prints are available to order on both paper and canvas.

1. Limited edition artist quality giclee prints on 310 gsm archival paper, with a 2" border, signed, titled and numbered by the artist. Approximate average price £55,( depending on size). eg "Evening Palette" and "Breaking Wave" are both £55.

2. Artist quality giclee prints on canvas, ready to hang, signed by the artist, and hand embellished where suitable, approximate average price £120 (see guide below).

The following are my new guide prices, depending on amount of hand finishing, size, etc;

  • A1 seascapes - £195 (incl hand finishing)
  • A2 seascapes - £120 (incl hand finishing)
  • A3 seascapes - £85 (incl hand finishing)
  • African Sunrise (79cm x 45cm) - £160 (incl hand finishing)
  • First Light (54cm x 40cm) - £120 (incl hand finishing)
Get in touch to order a print on canvas.

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